Monday, November 7, 2016

Little Miracles in Grand Plan


It has been busy week once again.  I feel like I say that all the time.  I must be a missionary.

I will hit my 17 month mark this week. Pretty crazy, but I am loving every day I have here in Hawaii to serve.

This week in the Visitors' Center I had a few small miracles...

1. Two young adult girls came in we came to find out that one of them was really searching for the truth in different religions.  We taught her about the Book of Mormon and testified to her that it is a true book.  She doesn't want to stay in contact, but she agreed to learn more by reading the Book of Mormon and took one with her.  She lives on the island so I hope she comes back to the temple again soon!   

2. We also talked to a person online named Nimi.  He is very smart and is investigating the church.  He even taught the Law of Chastity in a Sunday School class!  He said that the missionaries are teaching him about "baptismal" and that he is learning for himself why it is important, how to prepare, and what he should do after he is baptized.  Amazing!  He only meets with the missionaries every once in awhile and I think he is taking the lessons from them without even knowing it.  Pretty funny.

3. Sister Wu talked to a Chinese family and introduced them to the gospel. She told them they could learn more by filling out the guest card, but they just kind of ignored it.  When they got back on the tram they sat next to Sister Schmidt and I (we were on an exchange).  Only the mom spoke a little bit of English.  She just happen to ask us if we read the Bible every day and we explained how we read the Bible and the Book of Mormon. She was amazed.  "I never heard this before!" she said.  She is a Christian herself, but not very active in her church.  As we continued talking we found out that she lived in northern California (we thought she was from China because her husband and her 2 kids are).  Well, of course we told her that missionaries could deliver a Book of Mormon to her and teach her more. She thought about it.  Then we said, "They can deliver one in Chinese."  "Chinese?!" she said surprised.  She accepted!  Amazing things happen when missionaries open their mouths.

Love you all! Aloha!

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - These are some of my favorite people. You can imagine why.  I used to serve in their ward and when I saw them outside at a neighborhood Halloween party I had to get a picture.
 Photo 2 - Sister Wu and I were Laie Tram Tour guests from the Polynesian Cultural Center for Halloween. (After we finished proselyting of course.) We even have buttons and stickers!
Photo 3 - Another exchange with wonderful Sisters. I was with the Sister on the left, Sister Taki.   She is so sweet and diligent.  She is doing her very best to learn English and she is doing really well! Her simple testimony is so powerful. We love her!  

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