Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lessons and Miracles--Miracles and Lessons


A wonderful week again!  I hit my 16 month mark yesterday with Sister Walker.  This is the fifth month mark that we have celebrated together.  She is the best.   Next transfer (transfer = a six week period) is her last one and they are finally splitting us up after four together.  

Transfer News!   Sister Walker and I will be training the two new Sister Training Leaders (STLs) in our zone.   We are going to have two sets of Sister Training Leaders next transfer instead of one so that we have don't have to do quite as many 24 hour exchanges with the Sisters to train them.   We did 11 each transfer for the past two transfers and now we will have to do 6 each transfer.  She will be training Sister Ng from Hong Kong and I will be training Sister Wu from mainland China/Canada.  Sister Walker will stay in Laie 4th Ward and I will be going to Sister Wu's area - BYU-Hawaii YSA (Young Single Adult) Wards and a married student ward.  I love being on BYU campus and I can't wait.

Funny Moments:  The AC in our Temple Visitors' Center is always on and off.  It is either warm and muggy or freezing - so freezing that we have to use space heaters and blankets in the back where we do our online missionary work.  You'd never guess in Hawaii!  Well, they are finally updating it, but our AC is off for two days so every door in the Center is open all day and we have fans throughout the whole thing to keep the air moving.  It is pretty amusing. 

Miracles!  The last week before the transfer day is always crazy for Sister Walker and I because we are creating all sorts of schedules.  Yesterday we were in the back of the Visitors' Center almost the entire time that we were scheduled to be on the morning shift.  During the only few minutes we had up front, this young adult guy walked up to me and started talking to me about how he is staying with some friends who go to BYUH and how he is not a member of the church.  He said he believes in "all religions" and the good that they have.  Sister Walker joined in and we were able to explain many aspects of our beliefs - Jesus Christ, temples, forever families, priesthood (the power and authority of God), the Book of Mormon, etc.   He kept saying that we (us three) have different beliefs, but that they are all wonderful.  What was interesting to me is that of all the religions he said he was, "very intrigued" by ours.   My personal belief is that what we believe as a church makes sense because it is true!  We have a full understanding of God's plan.  It is intriguing!  And it has changed my life forever.  I have found true, deep, and lasting happiness and I know it can be found through coming to know of God's plan for His children - the Plan of Happiness. 

Another miracle occurred this morning. We were not able to meet with the less-active in our ward, but just around the house we noticed another girl as we left.  She is in her 20s.  I immediately thought of someone we have been trying to find in that house and I blurted out, "Are you Dalani?"  She was!  We talked for a few minutes and she expressed that although she had not prayed or been to church in a while, she had thought about growing her relationship with God recently.  Whoa! Miracle!  We told her we would love to come by and teach her more and she accepted our invitation.  I will be leaving the area tomorrow, but that was the perfect last miracle for me.  She was so sweet and I know we met her at the perfect time.  Sister Ng, Sister Walker's new companion is so encouraging and will be perfect for her.

Lesson Learned:  One last story... In the Visitors' Center our missionary work is a little different.  Instead of inviting people to learn more from us in person, we invite people to learn more from us online or with local missionaries wherever they are from.  They can do this by filling out a "Guest Card" with the appropriate information.   I had many wonderful great experiences with people for a few days, but had not been able to receive any Guest Cards.  It was a little frustrating because I didn't know what I was doing wrong.  I prayed fervently to be able to receive at least one from a person who was interested.  Then I met a man from Papua New Guinea who lived in Fiji.  I taught him about the Book of Mormon and he gladly agreed to have the missionaries visit him and his family. her even left a referral for his wife.  Amazing!  The real lesson I learned though was that all things are done in God's time, by His will, and by His power.  As a missionary I don't want to be Moses 4:1, but Moses 4:2.  It's good to remember and humbling.

Love you all!  Aloha!!

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - My trainer, Sister Penales is leaving!  She trained me to be a missionary for 3 months and then trained me again to be an STL for another 6 weeks.  She is so pure in heart and nothing can stop her from sharing the gospel.  She is truly my sister.  Love her!
 Photo 2 - Li-hing mui lollipops from a cute young girl selling them for a fundraiser.  She gave it to us for free though. So sweet.

Photo 3 - After a long day of coming up with how to present transfer news to the VC Sisters (we wrote a song), some peanut butter m&ms were the perfect treat

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