Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Who We Can Become


Short email this week, but just know that the gospel is true and that miracles are happening every day here.  I feel so blessed to serve in a place that sees hundreds of God's children who are not yet members of the church every day.  I love when they can feel the peace of the temple grounds.  I love being in this little town of Laie.   It is a sacred and special place to the Lord.  It would be hard to fully explain the wonderful blessings of having the PCC, BYUH, and the Laie Hawaii Temple so close together.  We went to the PCC today and as we spoke to the workers my heart filled with excitement and happiness to be around so many wonderful, wonderful people in such a glorious place.

I went on many exchanges this week and here are a few things I learned...

The Spirit has the power to change hearts. That is amazing. I mean, that is really amazing.  I have seen it in the Sisters I serve with and I have seen in in myself.  My quote of the week is, "Who we are is not who we can become."  What a comfort and a blessing.  The Lord has a divine and eternal plan for each of His children.  The blessings of eternal life are available to ALL, no matter how far they may seem.  Have faith.

I also learned that the phrase in our mission motto is so true.  It says, "Love is our motivation."  Love is the only thing that will and can truly motivate a person to change, especially God's love.  I am glad to know and feel that love.

I get to talk to a person in Nigeria tomorrow over the phone about the gospel and help him learn more.  Those are the blessings of online teaching and technology.  I love being a VC Sister.

Have a wonderful week!


Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - One of those amazing PCC workers and friends. :)

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