Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Blessed and Jam-Packed!


It was a blessed and jam-packed week.  It still is actually!  I will try to explain it...

Monday - Exchange
Tuesday - Pday
Wednesday - Drove an hour to do service at Peal Harbor.
Thursday - Exchange
Friday - Sisters came to deep clean our pad in the morning after studies. Then a celebration lunch at the VC for reaching and exceeding all of our goals. [We have already had 15 baptisms for August by the way. Many of them are from those who contact us online.]
Saturday - Exchange
Sunday - Church and week plan [this takes a few hours and is usually done on Thursday, but we had to push it back this week.]
Monday - Exchange
Today - President interviews. As STLs we grade everyone's area book and planners from 9am-3pm.  Then 3pm-7pm [now] is the first half of p-day.
Tomorrow - Same schedule as today.
Thursday - Exchange.

I can hardly stay on top of it all and of course I am totally exhausted at times, but I am loving it.  If you see it with an eye of faith, from God's perspective, you can't help but love it.  There are frustrations of course, but you grow in your love for the people you serve and if something doesn't go completely right [and often times it seems like a lot of things do] the best you can do is assume responsibility, laugh off the silly things, and know you are doing your best.

Here is a quote I love...

"In matters both temporal and spiritual, the opportunity to assume personal responsibility is a God-given gift without which we cannot realize our full potential as daughters and sons of God."  - D. Todd Christofferson


"Be peaceful. Believe in God and yourself. You are doing better than you think you are.'" - Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

I know that the gospel is true.  I know God lives and loves us.  All of us have busy lives, not just full-time missionaries.  We can do it with God's help and find joy in the journey.  This, I know.  

I love you all!  Aloha!

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - 14 Months at Pearl Harbor!! Can you see it...?

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