Tuesday, July 26, 2016

We Are All A Part Of God's Family

Aloha friends!

This week was jam-packed.  That is every week though as a missionary. You plan every half hour of your day the night before AND you always have a back up plan.  You should never not be busy.
Let me share a few special thoughts and experiences from this week . . .

We picked up the new missionaries!  They have a fire for missionary work that got us excited to be here all over again.  They will be wonderful and are already working miracles.

I met a couple this week named Ben and Tammy.  They are not active in the church and one is not a member.  They we so kind!  I tried to find a way to tell them that God loves them [that was our quality goal this week] and to be honest it was hard because of the way the conversation was going.  They asked me if I was excited to go home and I said it would probably be one of the most bitter-sweet experiences of my life.  "I will love to see my family and friends again, but I am really going to miss testifying to people every day that God loves them," I said. I then testified of God's personal love for them.  I did it!  I testified!  I felt successful that day because it wasn't about the goal at all.  It was about the spirit that was there as they heard that precious eternal truth.  I pray we never lose sight of God's individual and collective love for His children.

Blessing of the week – Sister Smith, one of the senior couples, brought us cinnamon rolls. So sweet! She is one of those people you always feel so peaceful around.  She brings comfort to everyone.  Love her.

I'm am sure there is more I could share if I had the time, but just remember the important things… You are a child of God.  So it the person next to you.  God wants to bless each one of His children and we are blessed to be a part of His work among our brothers and sisters.

Much love and aloha,

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1  - Hope this lovely family doesn't mind me sharing their photo.  They invited us to dinner last week. These are the last people we ate with in our last area. Now we are Visitors' Center Sisters and our proselyting area is online instead of door to door.  These two made us plenty of food and even gave us some to go.  The best part of the dinner was discussing the Atonement of Jesus Christ.  There was such a Spirit there. We all need that message and I was uplifted by their spirits as we shared our testimonies with them.

Photo 2 - Carpet cleaning!  Yay!  We had fun playing kitchen tetris with our furniture haha. 

Photo 3 -Visits from former Laie VC missionaries are always so fun. The red head is the former Sister Buday. She is still reading her scriptures daily even if it just a short time! Way to go!  We also had a visit from Sister Andre. Great as usual.  Love them both!

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