Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Let Freedom Ring!


What an amazing week!  I just want to testify that when you lose your life in the service of others you will find it.  All of the prompting I have received recently have been so simple.  They have been things like GIVE, SHARE, & SERVE.  There are just simple thoughts that have come to my mind as I have sought greater happiness, but guess what?  I tried it and I am more happy!!  Service in different forms is sometimes so unnatural.  It causes us to take the focus away from ourselves when we have so many problems to handle.  That was my thinking anyway.   But I trusted the Lord on this one and he supplied.  Just like the prophets have said, "Happiness is the object and design of our existence."  Do whatever you need to find it. Give of yourself and that which you have.  It will be worth it.  (:

This week was great and I explained most of it in the photo descriptions so don't miss those!  Our investigator is doing well.  He has a baptismal date for the end of July! Yay!  He is so ready.  He said we can do it as soon as possible. 

Much love and aloha!  Have a wonderful week and happy 4th of July!!

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - On Wednesday we had a lesson with our investigator and some of his friends. It was wonderful!  The thing that made me the happiest was when he said he prayed every night and we asked him what he felt when we prayed. "I feel happy," he said.  This pure joy filled my heart.  Aren't you thankful for prayer, our communication with our Father in Heaven?  
 Photo 2 - Fourth of July potluck outside of our pads.  We have some 10 country's foods represented here.  So yummy!  My American companion and I brought the red, white, and blue jello.  (;  As a side note, only a portion of the food was on the table when I took this picture.

Photo 3 - May God bless America.  I am thankful to live and serve in the Land of the Free.  We are so blessed!
Photo 4 - One more patriotic picture for good measure!

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