Monday, July 18, 2016

Experience the Gospel

Aloha everyone!!

It is Monday and Pday.  Usually I write on Wednesday, but transfers are this Wednesday so my Pday was changed.  I forgot to tell everyone. Whoops! Next week my Pdays will be switching to Tuesday by the way.

It is transfer week and my transfer news is... I will be staying with Sister Walker!  Wow. I really got lucky.  Actually I feel lucky to be with her, but I know that this is part of God's plan for me.  There is just something about the light that she has and the example she sets.  I have come across many people with different and wonderful strengths, but you can tell that she was blessed with the strength of a Christ-like character and a pure spirit.  I have said it before, but her example  alone had helped me to become a better person and I hope to learn all I can from her in the next 6 weeks. 

There have been a few changes in our assignment.  We used to have the title "Coordinating Sisters".  This title does not exist in any other mission and has now been changed to "Sister Trainer Leaders" as with other missions.  We will now also be conducting exchanges with all 24 Sisters.  I don't how we will do it, but we will. I have missed the exchanges I used to conduct because of the great opportunity to learn learn from them, train them, and especially to love them.  This transfer will be busy and happy.

This week we had a lady come into the VC from Brazil.  She didn't speak any English, but her friends that came with her were able to translate.  We taught her very simple things like how we will live again after we die and how families are meant to be together even after this life.  The simple messages we shared touched her heart and she has a desire to meet with the local missionaries in Brazil.  Wonderful! 

We also taught our investigator this week from the Philippines about how he can pray to know for himself if what we are teaching is true.  Aren't you glad we can do that?!  We don't have to wonder or wander in confusion.  If we are humble and sincere we can receive answers from God.  Imagine that. Then after you've imagined it, get on your knees, pray, experience it for yourself.  Sister Walker said in her talk this Sunday, "If you do not know that God loves you, get on your knees tonight and pray . . .  He will answer you."

I have been thinking a lot about how it is the simplicity of the gospel that truly touches people's hearts.  Know that God knows you and loves you. Know that you will live again after this life.  Experience the hope and joy that come from the gospel of Jesus Christ. This gospel is true.  I can testify that it is.  I know.

I love you all. Have a wonderful week!


Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Sister Walker and I specially designed this transfer news board. It tells you who you will be living with and the paper that matches yours is your companion.  In order to put these papers up one by one we played musical chairs.  If someone got out, they would pick up a chair to take our of the circle and taped to the bottom of each chair was an envelope with one of these papers inside.

Photo 2 - Miscellaneous fruit.  So... what is it?  We don't know, but we bought it anyway.

Photo 3 - When you and your Visitors' Center Director have the same love for Cadbury Chocolate Eggs, you end up with a glorious 5 lb bag of them. No worries everyone, the 5lbs of chocolate is to share among the Visitors' Center. 

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