Wednesday, June 22, 2016



Happy Father's Day!!  Dad, thanks for everything.  I don't know where I would be without your example of hard work, service, and Christ-like compassion. I love you!

This week I had many, many meetings.  Some of the leadership organization is changing in our Zone, Laie. We just added another District Leader as well as another set of Sister Training Leaders.  It was an unexpected, yet inspired change.  The Lord really knows how to make things happen at the perfect time. 

My thought for you this week was told to me by Sister Swinton.  It came from the time when she was working on writing "Teachings of the Presidents of the Church".  Elder Oaks said that it is not enough to just hear a conference talk or read a message from a prophet or apostle; we should ask three questions.  these questions are...

  1. What do I THINK about this?
  2. How do I FEEL about this?
  3. What will I DO about this?
I hope that whether we are looking through the Ensign that came our for our lat General Conference or reading the scriptures we can remember this inspired counsel.  Don't stop at just thinking it was a nice talk.  Feel it's message.  Communicate with God through the Holy Spirit.  Let us all truly BECOME what our Heavenly Father designed us to be.  Through Jesus Christ it is possible.  I know it is.

Love you all! 

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Backing accidents are the most common cause of car accidents in our mission. The Elder who is in charge of cars in our mission created a backing obstacle course that all the drivers had to do at Zone Conference. So hilarious!  Also really smart. Way to go Elder Reeder. 

Photo 2 - President and Sister Warner had their last Zone Conference with us on Friday. We are sad to see them go.  They have added so much to the Hawaii Honolulu Mission and they will be missed.  Replacing them is President and Sister Bekker who we are excited to meet. 

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