Wednesday, June 15, 2016

+Attitude / +Effort


With not much time to write this week, I want you all to know just a few simple things. 

First, we worship a living God and this is His living church.  Callings are always changing; revelation is always coming. It is great to be a part of the church of God in these latter days.
Second, God answers prayers in all kinds of ways.  Make an informed and thoughtful decision, pray, and He will confirm it.  The answer may come from a friend, a leader, a feeling of peace, or even just a simple feeling of happiness. 
Third, our leaders in this church are called by God.  In the words of Elder Renlund, "I know it."  From local leaders, to the highest general authorities of the church, they are called by God and they receive revelation for their individual callings through him.  Elder Renlund, who visited with us just this last week at the Visitors' Center and then later in Honolulu with the whole mission reminded us that we have, "a right and an obligation" to know that they are called by God.  Have you prayed to know?

Meeting with Elder Renlund was spectacular.  He, and Sister Renlund feel like family, yet I know that Elder Renlund has a divine and important calling.  I conducted the meeting that we had at the VC and the VC Sisters sang for the meeting in Honolulu. We sang one of his favorites, "Jesus the Very Thought of Thee".   One of the things that stood out to me from the latter meeting was a box he drew with 4 quadrants.  Each one had and an A and E written inside with either a positive or negative written next to each one. A = attitude. E = effort.  He wants us to be +Attitude / +Effort missionaries.  I decided I would be, and you know what?  It has been a great week! :)

Still getting 100-200 Chinese guests here a week and somewhere between 600-800 visitors total a day.  What an amazing mission.

Mahalo nui loa, my friends for all you do to follow Jesus Christ that I likely am not even aware of.

-Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - I choose Christ.

Photo 2 -  We once had 8 Chinese tour buses at a time. Wow!

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