Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's Aloha

Aloha everyone!

It has been great another week in paradise.  I had a head cold for a bit and a lot of responsibilities.  Sometimes these things can seem to weigh us down as missionaries or people, but really it is these things that often make life so beautiful.  Good or bad, we ought to appreciate every moment.

This week we got to attend the temple.  We attend the temple every month here.  We are very blessed.  I always learn so much from the session I am in.  It is always good to go with a question in mind. Even if I don't receive an answer to my question, I find that God is more willing to grant me the revelation that I need the most as I earnestly seek to know His will.  As I sat in the Celestial room, I felt this anxiousness, like the Spirit was tugging me to do something.  Sister Walker had felt a similar spiritual prompting.  We didn't know why, but we were prepared to go and do whatever he asked of us.  The rest of the day continued according to plan, but I think the Lord was preparing us for other things. 

This last Monday we gave the training at our Visitors' Center Training Meeting (VCTM).  We started out by asking them about their individual purpose here on a mission.  Wherever you are in your life right now, what is your purpose there? After we talked about there purpose we did a little refresher on rules and on obedience.  Obedience is not an easy thing to train on or teach about.  It's easy to worry that they will not feel the love behind the message, but there is always love behind the message in the gospel.  The reason we were given the gift of agency/obedience is because it allows us to feel love from our Father in Heaven.  We prayed as we prepared and we feel like it all worked out.  The Sisters could feel the love in the message.  That made us very happy. We love our Sisters here so much.

Have a wonderful week everyone!  Be obedient!  Follow promptings!  I know that you will see miracles.


Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Typical meals in the guide room, all thanks to the generous members of the church here in Hawaii. It's that aloha spirit.

Photo 2 - Our transfer theme is "Hope of Israel, Rise!"  These too sisters even made their own swords. So great!

Photo 3 - In California I caught lizards, but I think I much prefer these little green geckos.

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