Wednesday, April 27, 2016

"The Glory Be Thine, Forever"

Aloha everyone!

My new P-day is Wednesday.  This is because we have three P-days for the VC Sisters now.  Someone always has to be available to be on shift.  It has been a great first week and a half of the transfer with Sister Walker and the rest of the wonderful Sisters. I truly feel like I have seen miracles this week. 

Here are some happenings… 

  • We always have French Toast Friday the first week of the transfer in the morning by the Senior couples' houses. We all live so close to them anyway.
  • Sister Walker and I have also been working on all the schedules for the Sisters and helping out the companionships of sisters as much as we can. We love them so much.  
  • We had Sister Leader training with our mission president's wife, Sister Warner.  It reminded me to be the best example I can be.  We can be examples not just spiritually, but also temporally in every day matters.  None of us are perfect, but doing our best is enough to be a good example.  Never underestimate the influence God can have on others through you. 
  • We taught both of our progressing investigators.  We are building their faith little by little. I was reminded that you really have to start with the basics in order to have faith in anything with one.  I was also reminded that God has a perfect plan for every one of His children with the other. I felt this Sister Ng and I [we were on exchange] taught through the VC exhibits.  Sister Ng is a wonderful missionary and and STL. I really look up to her. 
  • •We went to a Mission Leader Conference from 9-3 on Saturday and learn all about teaching skills, tracting, and the Godhead.  I have a testimony that true and saving worship can only be done when one has a correct understanding of the Godhead. Isn't it interesting that it was one of the first doctrines to be confused after Christ and His Apostles were gone.  Later that day I was able to testify about God's nature to a group from India.  Some really listened.  A few even left their information with us and had a desire to know more. What I taught was so simple and yet the simple doctrine of the Godhead is so wonderful and profound.
  • All of the Sister Leaders in the VC gave a training this Tuesday about our transfer theme – HOPE OF ISRAEL, RISE! – we read the hymn "Hope of Israel" and all came up with what our own personal swords would be that we could "flash… above the foe" whenever we run into a challenging situation.  For me I have been blessed to see so many moments in which the Lord has worked through me.  I don't want those to stop and the way I know I can get that to happen is to give the glory back to God, whose glory it is.  My sword is "The glory be thine forever" taken from Moses 4:2. It is His work.  He does it. I am simply an instrument in His hands.  I am so thankful to play that small part.

Life is so good.  Hard, but good.  The gospel is so true.  God loves each of you so much.  I don't have to know you well to know that because I can feel it through the Holy Spirit.  These are scary times, but we need not fear.  The Lord is generously outpouring His spirit.  It is more crucial than ever that we do not get distracted. 

I love you all and ALOOOHA!

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Mission Leader Conference activity about how tracting helps us to not feeding/minister to [sticking pass along cards] all the same sheep. 

Photo 2 - Love my Sister Leaders!

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