Monday, March 21, 2016

Missionary Miracles


Basic updates - I'm 20!  Pretty crazy. Also I am super busy with all the VC Coordination stuff we are doing, but I am witnessing miracles all over the place.

My Missionary Miracle of the Week....

I chatted with a guy names John last week and I called him this week to talk about faith a little more. He expressed some of his concerns to me about the Mormon faith.  He loves it, but there were things that were holding him back.  Well, concerns are like a bruise.  If you try to perform surgery on a bruise and pull it apart you are only going to ended up with a bigger bruise.  SO...  I decided to not explain everything he had a question about.  We just kept talking. As we did, the Spirit guided the conversation.  Somehow some of his questions were resolved. I am sure it was not coincidence.  The rest of the conversation helped to build his faith.  Some of his questions were not answered, but his faith was such that the questions he had didn't have to be answered immediately.  His faith and patience will the "bruise" to heal up a bit.  And I guess by healing I mean that his faith and patience will allow God to witness to His heart the truthfulness of this gospel.  He will feel in his heart and know that it is true. And it's true, so after that, any concerns or questions that were bugging him before, simply will not matter as much as he thought they did when he was poking and prodding and the bruise. 

That's my story. I hope it makes sense.  Miracles happen everyone.  Real miracles that happen because of God.  It amazes me every day and it makes me happy on top of that.  I know God lives and loves us. He love you.  Jesus Christ is our Savior. 

Aloha Brothers and Sisters!
Have a great week!

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Sister Penales and I baked a pizza on my birthday at 9pm.  We were too busy to have dinner earlier. It had pesto sauce and it smelled so good that we could smell it from down the hall.  Our pad-mates were pretty excited too. 

Photo 2 - Oh happy day!!  We made a goal to send 30 people's information to the local missionaries. We got 136!!!  Whoa!  So many reasons to celebrate!

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