Monday, March 28, 2016

It is Better to Look Up!


My Mom asked me this week how thing are moving along here at the Visitors' Center. Well, things are moving along quickly and the VC is improving at a rapid rate.  It is amazing to witness firsthand.  Contained in every little moment is a miracle. 

She also asked me how we as a VC ended up being able to send 136 referrals to the local missionaries last week.  You'll be surprised how simple the answer is. We have weekly number goals that we set every Monday [i.e. number of baptisms, lessons taught, etc.]. They are called Key Indicators.  These numbers inspire us to work harder and fulfill our purpose.  We used to have really OK Key Indicators. So... not all that great. We counted the number of lessons we taught and other things. The problem was that our goal was not to teach lessons, but to invite others to learn more and eventually send referrals to the local missionaries. So we changed our Key Indicators. Now we only count four - New InvestigatorsReferrals Sent, confirmed Transitions to the local missionaries, and Converts.  By simply shifting our focus we were able to reach heights we had never seen.  If shifting your focus is needed in your life, I would invite to you shift it! Make it simple too! You'll be impressed with the results. 

This week Sister Penales and I went to two Zone Conferences on the island and invited people to the VC.  One was our own Zone Conference. We haven't had a whole lot of extra proselyting time, but the business has taught me a lot of lessons I will not forget.  A lot of it is thanks to my amazing leaders the Swintons.  They are very inspired people. They make you laugh too and thats always good. 

Miracle of the Week!
Someone random called me last week. She asked to talk to Sister Evans. She told me someone might be calling me who wants to learn more about the gospel. "Okay...." I thought. I still had no clue who she was. Cool though!  Anyway, the girl ended up calling us wanting to learn more.  We met her at the VC this week and taught her the Restoration.  She committed to be baptized too! Wow!  One of those golden investigators who is unbelievably prepared to accept the message.  We will be meeting with her again this next week hopefully.  

Life is full of aloha over here and I hope all is well wherever you are.  God hand is in all of our lives. I hope we can recognize it and be grateful. "Remember, it is better to look up!" -President Monson


Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - A poor picture of our lunch at Zone Conference.  This was one of the many power outages this week.  Almost our whole Conference was in the dark.  It went out for a few minutes at the grocery store this morning too. That was exciting!

Photo 2 - Our VCTM this morning.  Kinda funny looking, BUT we didn't tell the sisters what we were doing. So that makes up for it. :) We just arranged them and snapped the photo. Our message was that we have to see things from God's perspective, including and especially the Visitors' Center. 

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