Monday, March 7, 2016

Almost 1/2 Way!

Aloha everybody!!

Another wonderful week here in Hawaii!

The other day we had a guy from Norway come into the center.  He was a convert of three years from the northern part of Norway.  He had come to Hawaii to receive his endowments.  He had been investigating the church since 1999 and when he prayed about being baptized he was given the answer that he needed to wait.  He really wanted to be baptized though. But he followed the promptings of the Spirit.  He later health issues and was afraid that he would pass away so he determined that he would finally join the church. Still the Lord told him that he he was making the decision for the wring reasons and that should put his trust in God and not be baptized quite yet.  Eventually that time came and he was baptized. We got to see him before and after he went through temple. I had never heard a story quite like this before, but it was clear to me that God knew this man.  God's relationship with all of us is so individual.

Last night we had "Sistrict" meeting with all the VC Sisters in our District.  Instead of training them we had interviews with them by companionship.  We asked them what they had learned this transfer that they would apply next transfer.  The answers were all different, but as Sister after Sister answered I was given a witness in my heart that God knew each one of these Sisters and his plan for them was perfect. It was especially obvious regarding the companionships they were placed in.  We have a wonderful group of Sisters here. I am so thankful for them and I know that they have been called of God.

This week on Saturday I received a call from our Mission President, President Warner. He said that he was extending me a new call to be a Coordinating Sister [Coordinating Sisters are the two Sisters who are over all the Sisters in the VC.  They handle much of the logistical/behind-the-scenes stuff.]. He said I would be serving in this position with Sister Penales. Does this sound familiar??  She was my trainer!  President continued to explain some of the things I would be doing and the whole time I was thinking, "Should I ask him if he meant someone else?? Maybe he said the name wrong??"  He didn't!  I will be back with my Filipina trainer again and it will be really great.  Can't wait!!

Also I want to bear you my testimony that one of the greatest source of peace and happiness I this life is trust.  "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart."  If you do I promise that you will feel a weight lifted from your shoulders and you will be confident in your Father in Heaven, Savior, and the Spirit.  They love you and will guide you for your good. 

I hope you all are well!! Happy Monday and AlooooHA!

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - We had service at Pearl Harbor this week.  Lots of sweeping little places on the deck.  Afterwards we all went to a Honolulu favorite - Itchy Butt.  I know... so inappropriate... and... I won't go on.  But their chicken is actually quite good and super cheap.  We always run into the local firemen.  The missionaries aren't the only ones who love it. 

Photo 2 - Most people here the news about next transfer by receiving a phone call or a text from their mission president or zone leader.  Not at the La'ie Hawaii Temple Visitors' Center.  We change it up every transfer.  This time we played a matching game to find our companions. When we matched them they told us our area.  Pretty fun!!

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