Monday, February 22, 2016

When You Pray for Humility...


I bet you are already wondering what this weeks email is all about.  Have you ever heard someone in church jokingly tell you not to pray for humility because trials will come?  Have you ever actually prayed for humility??  This week I prayed for humility and I want to let you all know that all of those crazy rumors are completely true. Haha

Last week on Friday I lost my name tag. How?? Only Heaven knows. What is crazier is that I lost my normal tag and my back-up tag.  But I picked myself up and, somewhat shamefully, fashioned my pocket name tag to my clothes.  It was obvious. The next few days continued and I lost my American flag tag for the VC.  Then at one point I lost my planner [then found it a few days later].  Then every time we went to the car I would have to search my bag for my keys. It all built up to the finally lost item.  On Friday I realized that I lost my SD card. I left it in the computer on Monday.  Now it is nowhere to be found.  Yes, I am still praying to find it.  I also recently found my back-up name tag so that is good.  Now, this isn't God's fault, it is mine, but I could not believe how much happened this week. And it was all on top of the regular missionary responsibilities as well as leadership meetings and other crazy things that take a lot of my time. When I lost my SD card I remembered once again my prayer for humility. Honestly, it helped!  As long as you are willing to take whatever life has to throws at you, pray for humility.  It helped remind me what this work is really about and how good I have it here. It reminded me to serve and to love with everything I have. It reminded me of my Savior. I would rather lose and be humble than have all the comforts I now enjoy, because I know that it is most important.  How can you be more humble?  I will give you one idea among many. Serve.

This week we went through the temple again. I have such a strong testimony that it is the house of God. I learn so much when go. I feel peaceful and happy. I even often catch myself smiling.  Our goal in this life, as children of our Father in Heaven, should be the temple. It should be to make and keep our promises with God to love & serve Him and His children. 

Funny story (:
This week while on exchange with Sister Penales we ended were online. She accidentally clicked on this guys info, but declined it because we realized that it was a Spanish speaker.  Somehow, the persons info jumped right back onto Sister Penales' screen and she called him.  It was a guy who wanted a Book of Mormon. The conversation when a little like this...

Would you like a Book of Mormon?
No abla Englais.
uhh... uno momento por favor.... [that is all i know how to say]

Then as quickly as we could we hopped on to google translate and started to type our basic sentences and questions. I would listen to them and then try my best to repeat it back.  I am sure we sounded completely ridiculous. But, hey! He wants to meet missionaries! It was a good laugh for sure. 

Anyway, the work is rolling on here and I really love every part of it. I love being in Hawaii. I love working in the VC. Make no mistake, it is work and we are always busy.  It is so fun though and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

God lives. He loves you.  The gospel has been restored.  I know it.

Much love and aloha,

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Found myself a friend. My companion didn't think he was so friendly. Cute spotted gecko. 

Photo 2 - Temple Trip!

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