Monday, February 15, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Aloha everyone!!

Well life has been absolutely crazy here at the La'ie Hawaii Temple Visitors' Center.  Being a leader has taken me from exchanges, to meetings, to the PCC, to more meetings, and I just don't think I could be more busy. That is a mission though right?  Being super busy for everyone except yourself.  I love it. 

Being an online sisters has been really fun.  We take chats from, we call people who came to the Temple VC, we call referrals, we email people, we send referrals to local missionaries, we take call from  The whole thing is something I love. The only problem is that the computer room [or Teaching Center] is freezing!! It is legitimately the temperature of a refrigerator.  We make due with blankets and rice bags that we heat up in the microwave. 

I hit my 8 months on a mission this week!  Not just that, but it was exactly a year ago that I opened my mission call and went through the Los Angeles Temple for the first time with my parents.  Very fond memories.  I feel so blessed to be serving now. I am loving it and looking forward to the rest of it. 

The Regional Conference this Sunday was amazing.  Watch it!  My challenge to all of you is whether you are talking to another member of the church or someone who knows nothing about it, give "the short answer".  Modern revelation is such an important thing to know and understand.  It is how God has spoken to us throughout time.  It is how he speaks today. We should cherish modern day revelation.

The gospel is true.  Aloha and have a wonderful week!

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Pancake Breakfast with President and Sister Warner because we hit our goals.  The Zone Leaders bought all the sisters matching flowers.

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