Monday, February 8, 2016

Feeling the Aloha!


Little updates...

Last week P-day I played table tennis with one of the tram driver from the PCC.  He is so serious about it.  I did pretty okay though.  I told him, "I won't hold it against you that I won." He says, "Yeah right!"  

My companion hit her year mark!! Woo-hoo!  It all goes by too fast.  This month I will be hitting my 8 month mark.  I also will hit my one year mark of opening my mission call and receiving my endowment in the Los Angeles temple. 

Funny story.  I have a good friend and investigator named "Jared" [not really] who I mentioned awhile ago. He left me a voicemail on the computer, as he usually does, and told me that he is going to be baptized! Wow!  Then I called him that day and after a few calls to Jason and Jason's calls to local missionaries we figured out that it would be March 5th, not February 5th.  Still good!  I know it doesn't seem funny, but Jared is a funny guy and I think it hilarious that we got all excited only to have this little mishap.  Haha. We will see in March I guess! 

Exchanges with Sisters are starting up again. They are busy, but I love them. Why? I love the sisters! We always learn from each other. 

In testimony meeting this Sunday, one of the YSA was bearing his testimony of the Savior. He said, "I know Him.... And I know He loves each and every one of us."  I loved that. I feel as if I know Him as well, imperfect as I am.  He is my brother and yours.  Him and our Father in Heaven are as real as me and you. I know that.  Heaven is not so distant as it seems.  We are literally surrounded by angels and loved by Father in Heaven who is aware of the details of our lives. 

Fun News!  My dream has come true!  I am now going to be serving as an online sister!  So what does that mean??  Instead of spending time finding people in my area [made up of BYUH students], I will not work only by member referrals. In the mean time, instead of finding/visiting members, I will be sending emails, making/taking phone calls, and taking chats from  I will be working with online investigators and less-actives.  This is one of my absolute favorite things to do.  I have a very deep love for Visitors' Centers.  Miracles happen here and many of them take place through online teaching.  I am humbled by and grateful for, my calling.

Okay, I love you all!  Mahalo Nui Loa!!! Have a wonderful week!

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - My companion, Sister Hamano, has Tuberculosis or TB.  Don't worry, Mom. She takes her medicine every day.  Today we drove to Honolulu to get a refill. 

Photo 2 - Walmart in Hawaii.  Hawaiian Sun in a very popular brand.  It tastes SO good, but on a healthy level it is SO not good.  We reserve it for special occasions. The coconut syrup they make is heavenly. 

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