Monday, January 18, 2016

I Love My Calling!

Aloha Everyone!
[I love that I can say that.]

How's your week?  I hope good.

For me, my week consisted of a lot of church member visiting, countless tours in the Temple Visitors' Center, Zone Conference, and 6+ hours of church on Sunday, but that is a pretty typical week here in the La'ie Zone of the Hawaii Honolulu Mission.

A couple unique stories from the week?

    I took three Ukrainians on a tour.  One spoke English so He translated for the other two.  You always wonder if the translation is getting the correct message across, but you can only hope and pray.  It is definitely fun.  One of them ended up taking a Ukrainian Book of Mormon.  He seemed to be more interested in it for informational purposes, but I testified to him anyway that if he read and prayed about it, he would receive an answer that it is a true book.  They said thank you and walked out the door.  You just never know.  And it is kind of exciting.
    The Internet was down for a few days in the VC.  We had planned to do some online teaching outside of our regular VC shift, but when we realized we could not we had to go back to our proselyting area and find something to do.  I wasn't all that excited because not many students were home, but we found one sister named Helen. She is an RM and so sweet.  As we shared a message with her the spirit was very strong and I knew we were supposed to be there.  It was good reminder to me to never be discouraged, but to "pray as if everything depended on God and then work as if everything depended on you".  For all you readers, there are people who need YOUR special influence.

This week I was reminded again just how special serving in a Visitors' Center is.  Not because it is better than another missionary calling, but because we are blessed to be on temple grounds.  We teach, testify, and invite so quickly.  Then we see the guests leave and we never know what happens to them.  But it doesn't matter.  My purpose as a missionary is to "Invite others to come unto Christ," and if I can accomplish that then all is well.  Maybe it will be the perfect seed planted in their heart and perhaps it will blossom one day into a testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel.  To know that, makes every tour, every "Aloha!", every smile, and every testimony and invitation worth it.  I love and am eternally grateful for my calling.

I know that God lives.  Jesus is our Savior.  The gospel is the only way to true and lasting peace and happiness.  Be a part of it!  :)

With much love and aloha,

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - The beloved Jensen's will be leaving this week after two years of missionary service.  They are amazing examples of Christ-like love to every single one of the Sisters.  They make us laugh [mostly Elder Jensen] and help us when we are down [Sister Jensen is pretty good at this one].  They will be greatly missed by myself and all of the sisters here.  We love you, Jensen's!  
Photo 2 - The Sister Training Leaders having a little fun before Zone Conference.  

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