Monday, January 11, 2016

Enjoying Every Moment

Aloha Everyone!

So yesterday was my 7 month mark.  I cannot believe it.  When you serve in a Visitors' Center you constantly get asked by members and nonmembers alike how long you have been on you mission.  When I first got here I was always excited to be able to say 2 months instead of 1 or 5 months instead of 4 because then you sound older and you don't get the classic, "So new!" response. But 7 months is different.  For the first time I thought "Hmm... maybe I will just keep saying 6 months..".  My mission is going by SO fast.  Too fast!  I truly love serving here.  What a blessing it is to serve around so many wonderful Elders and [especially] Sisters.  What a blessing it is to testify of our Savior Jesus Christ every day.  What a blessing it is to be here on temple grounds, surrounded by the Spirit of God.  My mom once told me, "Cherish every moment that you get to testify of Jesus Christ."  On my mission I have and I will.  I hope you all will too, mission or not. It is so wonderful.

Also this week I got to watch the YSA Conference by President Russel M. Nelson at BYU Hawaii.  It was amazing!  I was so inspired to be "desperate" as Sister Nelson taught for gospel truths and to apply the steps to becoming a "true millennial" as president Nelson encouraged us to do.  If you are a young adult and you did not watch it, I would encourage you to.   After it was over, as President Nelson was leaving, he turned to us with a little smile, pulled out his packet of tissues, tugged out a clean one and waved it in the air to all of us.  He had a big smile on his face.  We all laughed and waved to him before he left.  So sweet!  He made me happy.

Speaking of happy, my companion is SO happy.  She is just a light-hearted, fun person who I enjoy being around.  She is teaching me to let the little things go and enjoy every moment.  I am so thankful to learn from her. 

Don't forget your new year's goals!  If you mess up, start again! No worries!

You are all wonderful. I know it. I also know God loves each of you individually.  This gospel is SO true.  I am thankful for God's blessings to me and others.

Aloha until next week,
Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - This is Elder and Sister Priday's last week.  Elder Priday has been out VC Director for quite awhile now and I am so thankful for his loving leadership and service.  Sister Priday has taken care of me in sickness and been a good example to me all the time I have known her.  My heart was a bit achy as we sang Aloha Oe to them this morning.  I love them and they will be dearly missed. 

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