Monday, January 25, 2016

The VC is Like a Box of Chocolates


Another great week here in La'ie.  We have had some beautiful weather this week. I know what you are thinking... Yes, even for Hawaii! I am grateful to live by the ocean and hear the waves and wake up to lovely sunshine almost every day.

This week we welcomes in the new Visitors' Center Director and his wife.  They always work closely together and I love that.

This week we had two older guys walk into the VC wanting a tour. We asked them how they got there and they said that an app took them there!  It is called Gypsy and apparently led them straight to them temple.  Pretty cool!  That is a first!  They were 2 of many people we took on a tour this week, but they were pretty unique ones.  Also I met a girl on chat this week who I am now emailing back and forth.  She is so sweet.  She has a boyfriend on a mission and became interested.  This Thursday she will meet with local missionaries!  Exciting right?!

Transfer News!
I will be staying in my same area - YSA and 1 Married Student Ward -  with Sister Hamano.  This is good news. Sister Hamano is an example of joy, happiness, and a light heart.  I am looking forward to another peaceful and happy transfer.

Everyone, I know that God lives. Jesus is the Christ.  He is also my brother and my friend.  Families are SO important and they can be bound together eternally in temples.  I don't have words adequate to express my love and feelings for knowing these amazing truths, but I know that they are just that - true. I pray you will all find ways to increase the missionary work at home this week.

Much love and aloha!
Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Another District Temple Trip [with only part of the District].  The temple is always amazing and I feel like I learn so much.  We are blessed to be able to go once a month here in the Laie Zone.  We usually go the to cafeteria afterwards and have some of the inexpensive, but wonderful soup and homemade bread.  Temple days are good days.
Photo 2  - IMUA - "to move forward".  Sister Andre is moving forward towards home in a few short days.  I have loved serving with her.  Having someone from your home Stake is always fun, but she was more than just a good friend.  She is such an amazing example of a dedicated missionary and loving servant of the Lord.  She will be missed, but I will see her all to soon.   

Monday, January 18, 2016

I Love My Calling!

Aloha Everyone!
[I love that I can say that.]

How's your week?  I hope good.

For me, my week consisted of a lot of church member visiting, countless tours in the Temple Visitors' Center, Zone Conference, and 6+ hours of church on Sunday, but that is a pretty typical week here in the La'ie Zone of the Hawaii Honolulu Mission.

A couple unique stories from the week?

    I took three Ukrainians on a tour.  One spoke English so He translated for the other two.  You always wonder if the translation is getting the correct message across, but you can only hope and pray.  It is definitely fun.  One of them ended up taking a Ukrainian Book of Mormon.  He seemed to be more interested in it for informational purposes, but I testified to him anyway that if he read and prayed about it, he would receive an answer that it is a true book.  They said thank you and walked out the door.  You just never know.  And it is kind of exciting.
    The Internet was down for a few days in the VC.  We had planned to do some online teaching outside of our regular VC shift, but when we realized we could not we had to go back to our proselyting area and find something to do.  I wasn't all that excited because not many students were home, but we found one sister named Helen. She is an RM and so sweet.  As we shared a message with her the spirit was very strong and I knew we were supposed to be there.  It was good reminder to me to never be discouraged, but to "pray as if everything depended on God and then work as if everything depended on you".  For all you readers, there are people who need YOUR special influence.

This week I was reminded again just how special serving in a Visitors' Center is.  Not because it is better than another missionary calling, but because we are blessed to be on temple grounds.  We teach, testify, and invite so quickly.  Then we see the guests leave and we never know what happens to them.  But it doesn't matter.  My purpose as a missionary is to "Invite others to come unto Christ," and if I can accomplish that then all is well.  Maybe it will be the perfect seed planted in their heart and perhaps it will blossom one day into a testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored gospel.  To know that, makes every tour, every "Aloha!", every smile, and every testimony and invitation worth it.  I love and am eternally grateful for my calling.

I know that God lives.  Jesus is our Savior.  The gospel is the only way to true and lasting peace and happiness.  Be a part of it!  :)

With much love and aloha,

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - The beloved Jensen's will be leaving this week after two years of missionary service.  They are amazing examples of Christ-like love to every single one of the Sisters.  They make us laugh [mostly Elder Jensen] and help us when we are down [Sister Jensen is pretty good at this one].  They will be greatly missed by myself and all of the sisters here.  We love you, Jensen's!  
Photo 2 - The Sister Training Leaders having a little fun before Zone Conference.  

Monday, January 11, 2016

Enjoying Every Moment

Aloha Everyone!

So yesterday was my 7 month mark.  I cannot believe it.  When you serve in a Visitors' Center you constantly get asked by members and nonmembers alike how long you have been on you mission.  When I first got here I was always excited to be able to say 2 months instead of 1 or 5 months instead of 4 because then you sound older and you don't get the classic, "So new!" response. But 7 months is different.  For the first time I thought "Hmm... maybe I will just keep saying 6 months..".  My mission is going by SO fast.  Too fast!  I truly love serving here.  What a blessing it is to serve around so many wonderful Elders and [especially] Sisters.  What a blessing it is to testify of our Savior Jesus Christ every day.  What a blessing it is to be here on temple grounds, surrounded by the Spirit of God.  My mom once told me, "Cherish every moment that you get to testify of Jesus Christ."  On my mission I have and I will.  I hope you all will too, mission or not. It is so wonderful.

Also this week I got to watch the YSA Conference by President Russel M. Nelson at BYU Hawaii.  It was amazing!  I was so inspired to be "desperate" as Sister Nelson taught for gospel truths and to apply the steps to becoming a "true millennial" as president Nelson encouraged us to do.  If you are a young adult and you did not watch it, I would encourage you to.   After it was over, as President Nelson was leaving, he turned to us with a little smile, pulled out his packet of tissues, tugged out a clean one and waved it in the air to all of us.  He had a big smile on his face.  We all laughed and waved to him before he left.  So sweet!  He made me happy.

Speaking of happy, my companion is SO happy.  She is just a light-hearted, fun person who I enjoy being around.  She is teaching me to let the little things go and enjoy every moment.  I am so thankful to learn from her. 

Don't forget your new year's goals!  If you mess up, start again! No worries!

You are all wonderful. I know it. I also know God loves each of you individually.  This gospel is SO true.  I am thankful for God's blessings to me and others.

Aloha until next week,
Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - This is Elder and Sister Priday's last week.  Elder Priday has been out VC Director for quite awhile now and I am so thankful for his loving leadership and service.  Sister Priday has taken care of me in sickness and been a good example to me all the time I have known her.  My heart was a bit achy as we sang Aloha Oe to them this morning.  I love them and they will be dearly missed. 

Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!

Aloha Everyone!

I've got almost no time so here are some cool things about last week...

  • I helped someone move a medium sized tree for service.  Another sister and myself did it alone and felt accomplished. 
  • More service -  we also helped BYUH Bookstore do their yearly store inventory.  We were scanning A LOT of bar codes and it was really fun.  When it came to book we were really fast.
  • We taught some of my favorite people to teach about tithing.  The member with us said that we are asked to give 10%, but really that is not very much.  It is our way of recognizing that it is because of God that we are blessed.  She also said, "God did not just give 10% of His son."  We should be willing to sacrifice anything God asks us to.  He is working or our good anyway. 
  • New Years Eve I watched Cokeville Miracle and cried pretty hard, which doesn't always happen.  I have such a strong testimony that our fmaily members on the other side are always aware of us and I was so touched by this story.  One angel in the movie told a boy to move to a window.  "All God asks of us is to read our scriptures," I thought to myself.  I highly recommend this movie. A little violent for kids though.
  • New Years morning we had a scavenger hunt.  We thought we were in first the whole time and then came in last haha.  Whoops!  It was so much fun though.  
Brothers and Sisters,  I know that God loves us so much. For many of your I have no clue what is going on in your lives, but I know that God is aware of you.  Nothing we can ever do will change His love for us and so many of His blessings are only conditional upon our asking for them.  God truly is our loving Father in Heaven.  Jesus Christ is our Savior. The little things we do can bring us closer to Him so remember to read scriptures, pray, go to church, etc.  I know this gospel is true and was restored by the prophet Joseph Smith.  All of this I can say and testify in Christ's name.  

I love you all!!
Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Some of my lovely sisters. Companion to my right in white.

Photo 2 - Sun rising on a New Year in Hawaii.  Fun fact  - Hawaii has its own time zone... therefore it also has its own New Year! Pretty neat!