Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rejoice! Rejoice!!


So this week has been wonderful as usual.  My German companion and I have been working hard, exercising our faith, and loving it.   

Yesterday we had something called a Mission Tour.  This is where a General Authority comes and speaks to your mission.  Usually the whole mission would get together, but in my case it is the whole island instead.    We learned about being sober missionaries. I know what you are thinking, but he was speaking of the sober that is used in the scriptures meaning being spiritually focused, attentive, and aware.   It was a really good talk that reminded us to be more aware and mature in our conduct. Sometimes I think of myself as a nineteen year old, but God does not see me as that right now.  He sees me as His personal representative.   It is such a blessing to be a called, set apart, full-time witness of Jesus Christ.  It makes me happy, humble, and motivated when that truly sinks in.  

When we were at the Mission Tour,  my companion and I plus my MTC companion, Sister Walker got to sing a beautiful rendition of O Come Emmanuel.   I felt so blessed to sing it with them because of how much it touched me when I heard it the first time.   It says, "Rejoice!  Rejoice!  Immanuel shall come to thee..."  This is amazing news.  I felt the spirit so powerfully as I practiced the song and gave attention to the words we were singing as well.  

An Ohana named the MacDonalds fed all the VC sisters this week. They designed there how to look like Bethlehem in olden times.  We sat on the floor and wore fabric on our heads.  The kids helped out a lot and brought us quite a bit of genuine Christmas joy.  It is about the simple things.   A Savior was Born that day, in the city of David.  He is Christ, our Lord.  

Merry Christmas Everyone!
And Alooooha!

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Mission Tour Lunch

Photo 2 - A Night in Bethlehem. There was some great music to go along with out theme as well.

Photo 3 - We had to take some coins when we came in to pay for our dinner.  

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