Monday, December 28, 2015

A Very Merry Hawaiian Christmas!


What a great week!

First!  We had interviews with our Mission President - President Warner - which I always love.  They are only 15 minutes and only happen every 3 months, but are so uplifting.  He is so nice and him and his wife get to come to the Temple Visitors' Center so we get to see her too.  They are always happy.

Second! Christmas Eve! My companion and I put together the Christmas Eve Activity for our Zone  Elders and Sisters.  We worked really hard to get all of it done and I was so happy that it all worked out.  We decorated the VC according to different events that happened in the life of Jesus Christ [more pictures on] because that is why we celebrate His birth isn't it?  Everyone got to walk through the different places and become "witnesses" of Jesus Christ.  Although he was not actually there, the spirit was very sweet as we all walked through.  I am so thankful for Him. 

Third!  Christmas!!  We got up. Studied.  Skyped family - this only happens twice a year and I loved it so much.  It was so good to see them all.  My family is the greatest!!  Then we caroled to people in our ward.  We did some missionary work.  We had dinner with the VC Sisters [yumm].  We had a gift exchange and each gift was related to an attribute of Christ.  Then to finish the night we watched a film of a play called Forgotten Carols.  The music was great and the message was even better.  I highly recommend it.  

My thoughts this week have to do with Peace again.  Peace is just so powerful.   My thought this week were how water is related to peace.  Many know that Christ is also called the Living Water.  Peace comes from Him like it comes from a peaceful river.  I love 1 Nephi 20:18 that says when we keep the commandments we will have "peace ... as a river".  

I love you all and a very merry Christmas too you.  I have such a strong testimony of Jesus Christ and I am so blessed that imperfections and all, I have the opportunity of representing and serving Him for these precious 18 months.  I love my calling.  How will YOU represent Him??

Much love and aloha,
Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - On our way to deliver some "Good News" if you know what I am saying.  If you don't... Gospel = Good News
Photo 2 -  A kind member who fed us Christmas lunch! These are my Visitors' Center Sister Friends by the way. 

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