Monday, November 2, 2015


In my best attempt to follow rules my email will be short this week, but oh man, was it a good week. 

So I am changing wards and companions this coming Wednesday.  My heart was tender when I found out because I have truly come to love the people I work with.  They will always hold a big place in my heart.  I am excited to see what God has in store for me though!

My new companion in German. Sister Merkel. We are both Sister Training Leaders. We do exchanges with other sisters and help to change the sisters as well as present training meetings as the Visitors' Center. So exciting!

This week's biggest lesson...
You cannot change if you do not allow your heart and your head to change even if you are doing the very thing things that you are supposed to be doing.  
I will try to explain.  In any time of our lives we can completely change our behavior to conform to the Lord's will, but if we do not change our hearts and our heads [our desires]  our natures will not change. And change is the very essence of the gospel - good news - of Jesus Christ. 

I have changed a lot and now more than ever I can feel the love my Father in Heaven has more me and for every one of His children.  It is truly indescribable.
Moroni 7:48

I love you all! Thank you!
-Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Happy Halloween!  We dressed up as each other!  We had to be off the streets by 5, but had a fun Zone potluck and games.  We matched for that as well. 

Photo 2 - My new companion!

Photo 3 - Hawaiian Sunrise

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