Monday, October 12, 2015

The People I Meet and Love...

So nothing too crazy this week, just working hard, praying, learning how to pray, following the spirit, and so forth.

This week we meet a golden person who walked into the Visitors' Center. He was so prepared to hear the gospel. With a strong Christian background and faith in Christ he shared how it helped him to overcome drugs and alcohol. Also when they found spots in his lungs from smoking he decided that he would only stop if it was not cancer AND not anly would he stop, but he said, "I will quit in Christ's make."  He broke the habit in a month. I love the faith of others. 

We also met a wonderful person who was very intrigued by the church and asked all sorts of questions. We was more of a typical surfer than anyone I have ever met and he was really cool.  I thought it was just great when he said [like a surfer], "The best thing you could ever be in life is a soul surfer man."  Made my day. He ended up wanting to attend church. Cool!

Also, there is this really great couple in our area that we are visiting with - we'll call them Jane and Sam - and they are adopting! We got to see the baby too! They are so genuine and I really enjoy interacting with these wonderful people. 

So the scripture I am ponderizing this week is Mark 1:17 "Come ye after me and I will make you to become fishers of men."  The main thing I got out of this was that Christ already set the perfect example. We simply have to study it and follow it to the best of oiur ability. He will help us to become. 

Also PLEASE review the Conference talks again! Apply them! It's [gradually] life changing and you will not regret it! They are proof of God's love for us. 

Much love & ALOOOHAA!

-Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Yeah. We are flooded. Man, I love Hawaii. 

Photo 2 - If we look like family, WE ARE! This is my wonderful cousin and it was such a huge blessing to be able to see her and her fiance this week. 

Photo 3 - Good old service. 

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