Monday, September 28, 2015

Finding Happiness

So this week has been wonderful! The work that has been taking place doesn't really show in our numbers, but those we visit consistently are doing really well. Which is SO wonderful.

New Companion!
My new companion, Sister Weygandt [Why-Gant... as in Why Can't you say her last name?], thought it was pretty funny when some young men walked by this week and asked how we were doing. I said,
"Well. How are you?"
"How's your scripture study?"
They just laughed and said "Good as ever!"
Might as well ask right? Haha.

Sister Weygandt is an amazing missionary! She came straight from the Missionary Training Center and she always laughs. We have a lot of similarities and I admire her already for her peaceful ability to invite the spirit. She jumped right into teaching lessons [we taught 3 on her first day]. She came pre-trained. Love her. 

Well, I have experienced more constant stress than I ever have in my life this week because I just started training Sister Weygandt. And you know what? It is so worth it. I am growing like I never thought I would grow. The experience is teaching me to rely on God’s strength and I am happier than I have ever been because I am losing my life in the service of others. I am focused on God’s work... and that makes me happy.

Also a word about Sister Penales [my trainer].  I learned SO much from her. She truly knows how to love with all of her heart and is passionate about being the very best missionary she can be. I feel so blessed to have been her companion.

Spiritual Thought
"I am just an ordinary man with an extraordinary calling."
We all have a calling of some sort and are all meant to play a part in God's work on this earth. So smile a little more. Relax. Reach out to other people. Reach out to God. You will find happniess in doing so. I can promise you that.
John 14:27
Mosiah 2:17

Love you all!
-Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - The enthusiasm... I love it. This is Sister Weygandt.

Photo 2 - If it is in the middle of the table it is "eat me" food. We had a lot of that today. There is plenty more that you can't see, but these sisters are sweet enough to make up for it.

Photo 3 - This is an unscratched bug bite I got on Tuesday. It was pretty swollen. I took some medicine and now it's gone, but of course I made sure to take a picture first.

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