Monday, August 31, 2015


This week in my mission, everything has changed because I decided to trust God. With everything! I will never look back because, with newfound, wholehearted trust in God, I will truly, truly love my mission.
I thought about the idea of trusting God at the beginning of this week, but I didn't really know why. Then we had a Zone Meeting. The topic was  - GIVE YOUR ALL. They Zone Leaders - Elder Liava'a and Elder Purevdorj - had us do an activity in which we wrote down the percentage of how much we were giving to the Lord. Some wrote down 50% some wrote 97%. I, of course, had my own percentage. They then told us that for every percent that was missing we had to write down one thing that was holding us back from giving our all. Whoa.
I started to write down things, but most of us didn't have time to finish in the time we were given. I remember looking at the list and thinking - I don't want these weaknesses anymore. So guess what I did?
I gave everything to Jesus Christ.

I told Him I would trust Him if He took the little anxieties away. We were walking down the street that day and I realized I was so happy. That I could give every worry to Him and He would talk care of it and allow me to accomplish my purpose.  In those little moments my mission changed - maybe my life if I allow it to. 
I wrote in my journal that night, "Today I gave my worries away and He took them from me. When I strove to be the best missionary I could and accomplish my purpose, His grace was sufficient. Today I testified simply of Jesus Christ. I asked for referrals. I worked hard. I loved. And... I'm happy."
I AM! I am SO happy!! :)
We may not all be on full-time missions, but we all have a purpose. What is yours? If you don't know - ask! He will answer you! Trusting in Him doesn't mean you will never have trials, but you will be blessed with a testimony of Jesus Christ. If you have that, hope and happiness come naturally. President Hinckley encouraged us to, "enjoy more fully the sunlight," and I would encourage you do do the same. This is the Good News [Gospel] of Jesus Christ! Everyone is welcome! There is no reason we should not be happy.
Love you all!
-Sister Lindsay Evans
Photo 1 - This was taken today. Us sisters had a potluck lunch and lots of fun. Love them!

Photo 2 - Meet my wonderful district! This was taken shortly after our temple trip. It was such a blessing to go through the temple with so many wonderful individuals. Each one of them has something to give.

Photo 3 - Yesterday I performed If The Savior Stood Beside Me in a Missionary Musical Fireside at the Temple Visitors' Center with this beautiful sister.  We sang a cappella and added one more verse before the last. It reads....
"If the Savior stood beside me, I would feel His warm embrace.
As the tears roll down my cheeks I'd see a smile upon His face.
"Child I am always near you, though you do not see me there.
Through every pain and joy you'll always be in my watchful care.""

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