Monday, August 10, 2015

Planting Seeds

So not much happened this week missionary work wise. It was one of those "you show up and they don't" weeks, but that's okay because it's all in the Lord's timing and maybe last week prepared them for this week! I sure hope so!

Planting Seeds...
We didn't get many people who left their information at the VC, but it was such a cool week because we had so many good conversations about gospel topics. Many of the times, they were especially wonderful because we took the time to get to know them and be their friends. Genuinely!
Some sisters don't like that you can't see what happens to many of these people who we talk to, but I've never been that way. No because I am any better, but because I just LOVE planting seeds! Seriously! It's the best! Plus, I figure we will see each other in heaven right? That will be the greatest. (:

Also we got to have dinner with our progressing investigator and his family who are members. They are wonderful. I always learn something from them and it's always nice to see your investigator listening intently as you testify of Jesus Christ. Those are precious moments.

Spiritual Thought
God is always aware of us and He loves us and understands us more than we know. One of the best ways to become aware of His love is to become like Him. Reach out. What do the people around you need? How can you help? Trust me, whether you know it or not, you can help! It's wonderful! This link goes to one of my favorite songs called "Have I Done Any Good in the World Today?" if you are interested.

Alright everyone, time to follow President Hinckley's counsel - "Forget yourself and go to work."

Much love and thanks to everyone!
- Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - These are a few of all the missionaries who went bowling last Monday. So fun! It's always nice to have a break too. I'll just throw it out there... I also won the game which I was pretty proud of.  Don't ask for the score though.... haha.

Photo 2 - Lovely Sister Penales. I am staying with her for one for transfer!!! Woo-hoo!! We are staying in the same area as well! I cannot wait to continue to teach the wonderful people in the Laie stake. They are the best.

Photo 3 - Sister Jenkins is going home this week. I haven't said much about her, but all you have to know is that she is one of my angels. I love her to pieces and hate to see her go. Still, the Lord has good things in store. I just know it. Love her!!

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