Monday, August 17, 2015


So this week my funny and spiritual story are combined...

Yesterday was awesome. Stake Conference and then lesson with our [single] progressing investigator. If you remember, we are going over the baptismal interview questions this week with him and we are on question number 2. We got to answer the questions he had and explain the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ. He asked me my thoughts on the restoration. I told him, what I will tell you. I know that God and Jesus Christ did in reality appear to Joseph Smith. This IS God's restored gospel and I know that because I have experienced the joy for myself.  This was a precious moment. I honestly didn't know if he would say he believed, but to my astonishment, he did! It took a moment or two to sink in. He then told us that meeting with us is the best part of his week. It's one of our favorite times as well.

The funny part of the story is that when we went to get in our car afterwards my companion checked the phone. Apparently he had canceled the appointment and tried to reschedule. Haha whoops! Well... I guess it was meant to be because it was an awesome lesson. I just found it funny that we showed up and gave him a lesson anyway. He must have thought we were very determined. Haha.

This week I have truly begun to learn about humility. Of course, there is always more to learn, but I am so thankful for what God is teaching me.
- Humility isn't thinking less of yourself, it is thinking less about yourself.
- Humility has a direct connection to JOY.
When I was discussing this with my companion I told her that I didn't quiet understand HOW losing your life in the service of God and others actually helped you to find it [and, of course, bring joy along with it]. How does that work? She told me that when you lose your life for God in order to find it, you begin to see AND become who GOD wants you to be.  And could it get any more joyful than that?!

JOY comes from putting
Jesus first, then
Other, then

Remember that this week.

I love you all! Much thanks and aloha!

- Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Getting ready for Tram Tours and enjoying that natural Hawaiian air conditioning. Aloooha!

Photo 2 - We taught about Pharaoh, Moses, and the plagues during this weeks story time for young children. Scary story, but they seemed to enjoy it. The ones who were listening anyway... haha

Photo 3 - In Hawaii, when it rains it pours. Yet, it is still crazy hot. Luckily the members gave us ice-pops. So nice!

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