Monday, August 3, 2015

A God of Miracles - MOR 9:19

It's always hard to think of what to say on P-day because I feel like I could write a short story about every single day here in the mission field. You honestly learn lessons every single day. Still, I will try my best once again...

Fun Facts!
- In Laie the population is 8,000 with 92% of them being members of the church. That is more than Provo, UT.  As you can imagine, that causes the work here to be pretty different. Most are strong members. Many are less-active members. Some are "eternal investigators" [they have been receiving the lessons for 15+ years]. And a few are progressing investigators. We love them all.
- In CA we have lizards. Not in Hawaii though. In Hawaii we have tiny geckos. Some are brown and orange and others are bright green. I think they are super cute, but my companion thinks they are creepy.

Update - Our Progressing Investigator
He canceled the lesson, but - brothers and sisters - miracles happen. Right when I was studying to teach him, he called to reschedule.  He was on a brake at work and sounded pretty tired, but I felt like I should share with him a few thoughts about faith.
I shared that it was trust and confidence in the Lord.  I guess he thought it was more complicated, because he seemed relieved. He said thinking about church gets him through the day and even though his work is tough, he always makes sure to thank God for what he has been given.  There is so much to learn from those around us.
My companion asked if we could leave him with a prayer. He said, "A prayer over the phone? That would be awesome!"  And it was! You could here him smiling. He left with a "You guys are the best!" and we all felt a little happier that day.

Spiritual Thought
We went to the temple this week. It was much needed and so beautiful. There is a peace found in the temple that can't be found anywhere else. I find myself wanting to stay there forever. Hopefully one day I will have the opportunity of living with my Heavenly parents and my Savior Jesus Christ. That sounds wonderful.
When we got home my companion suggested a recent General Conference [you can read or watch by clicking here] talk that we could share in a lesson. Her suggestion ended up being more for me than my companion. God is so aware of His children. The part that stood out to me was...
""One of God's greatest gifts to us is the joy of trying again, for no failure ever need be final.Even if we've been a conscious, deliberate sinner or have repeatedly faced failure and disappointment, the moment we decide to try again, the Atonement of Christ can help us."
How amazing is that! The second that we decide to try again, He will be there for us with all of His love and mercy.
Last thought - YOU ARE A MIRACLE.  I learned that for myself today.  I hope you all know that because it is true. You are where you are supposed to be. God has a plan for you and it centers around the love and happiness he has to give you through Jesus Christ.  Click here to watch a related video.
Thank you all for everything you do and all your love! All my love,
- Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Sometimes my companion and I try to harmonize when we sing a hymn before our companion study. I love singing alto, but she has a hard time singing the melody when I do and during this particular hymn it sounded so. bad. It was hilarious. We tried to keep singing, but I just couldn't. I suggested we try another hymn, but when we started I just lost it again.  It's hard to shake the giggles when you are so tired.  She ended up singing the whole hymn by herself!  My head was on the table and I was laughing quietly, but so hard that I was crying.  I sat up to wipe my tears. She then decided to take a picture of me and well... here it is. Good old exhausting missionary work. Sometimes you need a good laugh.

Photo 2 -  It's really a bummer we don't have a better view...

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