Monday, July 20, 2015

A Crazy Week of Big & Little Blessings

Hello everyone!

To start of the week I thought this would be fun...

FUN FACTS about the Hawaii, Honolulu Mission!
- It took me awhile to really realize it, but chickens live in my backyard. Sometimes they even wake up an hour early just so that I'm not a minute late for morning prayers.
- The humidity has some interesting effects. 1) If I hand my wrinkled clothes in my closet and wait one or two days, they unwrinkle automatically. 2) My hair is wayy frizzy some days. 3) Many of my envelopes have sealed themselves, just by my setting them down some place.
- It rains 0-3 times a day [sometimes pours] for 20 minutes and then is hot again. Never dry though.
- Missionaries get into the Polynesian Cultural Center for free!
- Rice for every meal.
- We get to wear sandals!
- No matter who you are, you are a foreigner. Especially in the VC, their are visitors and missionaries from all around the globe. Pretty cool! It's mainly Americans, Asians, Filipinos, and Pacific Islanders. 

So.. exciting story...
We were robbed on Tuesday! Woo-hoo! Not really....
Now you all probably have questions. Here are the answers..
How? They got through our broken front window. [It's fixed now and secure.]
What did they get? 3 Handbags with important stuff. We got 2 back without the important stuff in them [wallets and such].
When? At 6 AM when we were still asleep upstairs. A neighbor saw them take off and came to wake us up.
Why am I telling you this? Not to scare you or impress you believe it or not, but to express that the Lord protects His servants.
A big part of my blessing when I was set apart as a missionary spoke of how I would be protected during my service as a missionary. I want to point out two miracles... 1) For no apparent reason, my companion woke up at 6:08 and picked up her alarm clock [which she never does]. She ended up dropping it. This likely spooked the robbers and caused them to leave quicker then they would have. 2) After she dropped her alarm clock we fell back asleep into a deeper sleep than I have ever been in on my mission. So did she. If we would have heard them and gotten up, and confronted them, this could have caused greater problems. I truly feel that angels were protecting us and I am very grateful.
I got to call my parents to cancel my debit card too! They were very surprised haha. It was good to say hi. Love them! And I am totally fine!! So, no worries everyone :)

Besides that, my first zone conference was this week. It was all day and we learned about some wonderful things including the effect and blessing of music. Since then my companion and I have been singing to the people we visit. We sang to one lady who has been reluctant to meet with us and she finally set up a day! Cool! We also sang to a family who is less active in the church. The mother was very touched.  I had the strongest feeling that if we kept working with her [although people have been working with her for a long time before] she would start to come to church again and eventually make it back to the temple sooner rather than later. And guess what?! She was at church on Sunday! I love how God prepares people. It's all in His good timing.

My last thought is that God loves every single one of His children more than we can imagine. He loves you more than you can imagine! Are we really doing everything we can to share our beliefs and have the same love for them that our Father in Heaven does?
God asks you, "__[your name]__, do you love me?"
If you answer, "Yea, Lord, thou knowest that I love thee," then what is the first thing he demands of you? ...
"Feed my sheep." [John 21]

Thank you for your support! I love you all!

Sister Lindsay Evans

Photo 1 - Welcome to Zone Conference! [I'm holding my beloved planner.] This was my first "I actually feel normal being here" day in my mission. Thank goodness! So, that is why I look so happy! :) Love it!

Photo 2 - Her New Zealand Whitaker's Chocolate! Who gets this much chocolate in a package! Sharing is caring right??

Photo 3 - Any Mexican food in Hawaii is a blessing. It always makes me so happy. Little blessings!

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  1. If you had received all my thoughts sent to you, you would have no time for doing the Lord's work. I think of you constantly,and pray for you with all my heart. Every time I write, something happens and my I.T knowledge keeps me from doing the contacts the right way. I'm learning a bit at a rime, and forgetting a bit at a time, also. Love where you are, what you are learning and giving. You are so special to me. Love.