Monday, July 6, 2015

Aloha Hawaii!

Aloha Everyone! I haven't sent an email in awhile, but Mondays are my
official Prep-days.

Where do I start? How about a fun fact?
My roommates caught this big spider in our apartment and now keep in
on top of our fridge. His name is Gary.

So.. I left the MTC Monday in the morning and hopped on a plane to HI
for starters. I sat next to a really nice girl who had the cutest
service dog. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and I invited her
to visit the VC sometime. Cool!

The first 2 days we got to stay in the mission home. Our mission
president and his wife picked us up from the airport. They're are so
nice. They gave us kukui necklaces. Usually these kukui nuts are used
as candles and burn for about 3 minutes, but to us the necklace
represents the never ending light of Jesus Christ. Anyway, I love my
mission president and his wife. They are wonderful people and she is
very strict on manners. It makes me laugh a little. Although it
probably shouldn't...

Mission Motto
Our mission is the ALOHA mission and this is why [our motto]..... "We
are grateful to be in the Hawaii Honolulu Mission. The ALOHA mission.
The Atonement of Jesus Christ is our message, love of God and others
is our motivation, and obedience to the commandments and mission rules
is our strength. By sharing the gospel with others we can give them
the "Ha" - the breath of life, even eternal life. Aloha!"
Pretty cool right? [In reality that isn't even a question. It's way
cool.] I am so blessed to be a part of this great work in Hawaii.

As far as how Hawaii is?
Humid. You feel it the second you step out of the airport, but I don't
notice so much anymore. The surroundings are BEAUTIFUL. [I know you
are probably all shocked... haha]. It is green everywhere and I live
in a small apartment on the beach! The view is wonderful. It's been
hot, but usually a nice breeze blows in. Thank goodness.

The Work
My companion is 4'10". She a Filipino and is so sweet. It's funny when
she aloha because her voice is so cute sounding. The work is hard
because I'm new and don't know exactly what is going on, but the more
I have the chance to share what I know the better I feel. We give tram
tours from the Polynesian Cultural Center to BYUH, around the Laie
community, and then they end at the VC. [The tram tours are
interesting, but not enough (don't tell the senior couples I said
that... :) I have come up with a few jokes to throw in there. I
will be testing them out next Thursday.] Tours at the VC are sometimes
great and sometimes not so great. That's just how it goes, but the
great ones with people who are interested make it worth it/

Fourth of July!
The fourth was great! We worked then had Karaoke with our Zone. Later
we had a BBQ with all of the sisters and played Cambodian
Duck-Duck-Goose. Instead of tagging someone you drop a towel behind
someones back. Then the person grabs it and tries to wack the person
who was next to them as they run around the circle. We were laughing
pretty hard. It's great getting to know everyone.

I hope you are all doing well! I read every email and if I don't
reply, then I will at some future time, but just know that I
appreciate everything I read. It is so uplifting.

Hawaii is wonderful! Everything is new and some things are hard, but
the gospel is the same wherever you go. The simple truths are so
powerful. Even if you have heard it before, open your heart. Ask "What
more can I learn?" or "What more can I do?" You will be greatly
blessed. God loves us. Jesus IS our personal Savior. I will do my best
to testify of this through every second of my mission because it is so
important. Aloha brothers and sisters!

Sister Lindsay Evans

[Pictures may not come today, but will come in the near future because
I know that is half the fun of the email] (:

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